Workshop on Robot Trust for Symbiotic Societies

27 Oct 2022

Workshop on Lifelong Learning of High-level Cognitive and Reasoning Skills

23 Oct 2022

Talk at the 1st Machine Learning and Neuroscience for Robotics School

17 Oct 2022

Neuromorphic computing in the Netherlands (NCN) 2022

30 Sep 2022

3rd International Workshop on Active Inference

30 Sep 2022

Talk at The EASE Fall School on Cognition Enabled Robot Manipulation

19 Sep 2022

Symposium: From humans to robots: the role of vitality forms in social interactions

16 Sep 2022

3rd ICDL Workshop on Sensorimotor Interaction, Language and Embodiment of Symbols (SMILES)

12 Sep 2022

15th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (i-CREATe 2022)

26 Aug 2022

Talk at the European Society of Medicine General Assembly

04 Aug 2022

Symposium on Bilingual sensence processing, CogSci 2022

30 Jul 2022

Invited Talk at the The NeuroEngineering School

18 Jul 2022

3rd Workshop on Adapted intEraction with SociAl Robots (UcAESAW)

04 Jul 2022

Symposium of Understanding the affective state of others: the role of vitality forms

22 Jun 2022

1st International Workshop on Ubicomp Environments and Proxemic Applications (UbicProxemics)

20 Jun 2022

1st International Workshop on Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Recognition for Social Robots (SentiRobots)

20 Jun 2022

SI Conference Issue: Safety and Adaptivity in Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems, and Applications

01 Jun 2022

2nd SI IEEE TCDS: Emerging Topics on Development and Learning

01 Jun 2022

5th International Workshop on Intrinsically Motivated Open-ended Learning (IMOL)

01 Apr 2022





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