Reviewers Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a reviewer for ICDL 2020! The community needs outstanding people like you to make ICDL a success, and we will work hard to make your duties as easy as possible. This page provides an overview of reviewer responsibilities.

General information

  • Please respect deadlines and respond to emails as promptly as possible!
  • It is crucial that we are able to reach you in a timely manner. We will send most emails from PaperPlaza. Such emails might be accidentally marked as spam. Please check your spam folder regularly. If you find such an email in there, please whitelist the PaperPlaza email address so that you will receive future emails.
  • Please make sure your email address is updated in PaperPlaza because we have no way of knowing whether an email sent to you via PaperPlaza has bounced.
  • Please make sure to have your list of interests in PaperPlaza updated. We use that list to assign the submitted articles.


  • With great power comes great responsibility! Take your job seriously and be fair. Write thoughtful and constructive reviews.
  • Each reviewer will be assigned around three submissions. Reviewers are responsible for reviewing submissions, reading author responses, discussing submissions and author responses with the program chairs.
  • DO NOT talk about submissions that have been assigned to you.
  • It is not fair to dismiss any submission without having read it thoroughly. Think about the times when you received an unfair, unjustified, short, or dismissive review. Try not to be that reviewer! Always be constructive and help the authors understand your viewpoint, without being dismissive or using inappropriate language. If you need to cite existing work to justify one of your comments, please be as precise as possible and give a complete citation.
  • You must keep everything relating to the review process confidential. Do not use ideas and results from submissions in your work until they become publicly available (e.g., via a technical report or a published paper). Do not to talk about or distribute submissions (or the ideas and results described in them) to anyone.
  • Authors may submit supplementary material, such as proofs, derivations, data, or source code. Your responsibility as a reviewer is to read and review the submission itself; looking at supplementary material is at your discretion. That said, ICDL submissions are short, so you may wish to look at supplementary material before criticizing a submission for insufficient details, proofs, or experimental results.

Review Content

We know that serving as a reviewer is time-consuming, but the community needs outstanding people like yourself to uphold the scientific quality of the conference. Review content is the primary means by which the program chairs make decisions about submissions. Please make your review as detailed and informative as possible; short, superficial reviews that venture uninformed opinions or guesses are worse than no review since they may result in the rejection of a high-quality submission. Review content is also the primary means by which authors understand their submissions' decisions. Reviews for rejected submissions help authors understand how to improve their work for other conferences or journals. Reviews for accepted submissions help authors understand how to improve their work for the camera-ready versions.