Call For Contributions

ICDL is a unique conference gathering researchers from computer science, robotics, psychology and developmental studies to share knowledge and research on how humans and animals develop sensing, reasoning and actions. This includes taking advantage of interaction with social and physical environments and how cognitive and developmental capabilities can be transferred to computing systems and robotics. This approach goes hand in hand with the goals of both understanding human and animal development and applying this knowledge to improve future intelligent technology, including for robots that will be in close interaction with humans.

The primary list of topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • principles and theories of development and learning;
  • development of skills in biological systems and robots;
  • nature vs nurture, developmental stages;
  • models on the contributions of interaction to learning;
  • non-verbal and multi-modal interaction;
  • models on active learning;
  • architectures for lifelong learning;
  • emergence of body and affordance perception;
  • analysis and modelling of human motion and state;
  • models for prediction, planning and problem solving;
  • models of human-human and human-robot interaction;
  • emergence of verbal and non-verbal communication;
  • epistemological foundations and philosophical issues;
  • robot prototyping of human and animal skills;
  • ethics and trust in computational intelligence and robotics;
  • social learning in humans, animals, and robots.

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Important Dates

Paper Submission Open Saturday, 15th February 2020
Paper Submission Deadline (Extended) Sunday, 15th March 2020
Sunday, 14th June 2020
Paper Author Notification (Extended) Friday, 15th May 2020
Monday, 13th July 2020
Final Paper Version Due Wednesday, 1st July 2020
Sunday, 16th August 2020
Abstract Submission Open Friday, 1st May 2020
Abstract Submission Deadline (Extended) Friday, 31st July 2020
Sunday, 26th July 2020
Abstract Author Notification Friday, 26th June 2020
Sunday, 9th August 2020
Final Abstract Version Due Friday, 10th July 2020
Sunday, 30th August 2020
Journal Track Submission Open Tuesday, 31st March 2020
Journal Track Submission Deadline Monday, 29th June 2020
Journal Track Notification Monday, 20th July 2020
Tutorial Proposals Open Saturday, 15th February 2020
Tutorial Proposals Deadline (Extended) Thursday, 30th April 2020
Friday, 15th May 2020
Tutorial Proposals Notification Saturday, 30th May 2020
Workshops Monday, 7th September 2020
Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Workshop Proposals Open Sunday, 15th December 2019
Workshop Proposals Deadline (Extended) Wednesday, 15th January 2020
Wednesday, 29th January 2020
Workshop Proposals Notification Saturday, 15th February 2020
Registration Opens Friday, 15th May 2020
Early Registration Pricing Ends Monday, 13th July 2020
Travel Grant Application Opens Friday, 15th May 2020
Travel Grant Application Closes Monday, 15th June 2020
Travel Grant Award Notification Wednesday, 15th July 2020
Registration Grant Application Opens Friday, 15th May 2020
Registration Grant Application Closes Monday, 15th June 2020
Registration Grant Notification Wednesday, 24th June 2020
Poster Teaser Presentations Submission Tuesday, 1st September 2020
Welcome Reception Monday, 7th September 2020
Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Dinner Wednesday, 9th September 2020
Thursday, 29th October 2020
Farewell Reception Thursday, 10th September 2020
Friday, 30th October 2020
Tours Friday, 11th September 2020
Saturday, 31st October 2020
ICDL 2020 7th – 10th September 2020
28th – 30th October 2020

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Call for Journal Track

The program committee of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL) invites published journal articles to be presented in the Journal Track of ICDL.

The Journal Track is designed to provide a forum to discuss important results related to cognitive and developmental systems recently published as journal articles, but have not been previously presented as conference papers. Thus, the journal track offers an opportunity to present outstanding results that might otherwise not be submitted to a conference due to their length and complexity.

All accepted journal presentations will be selected for either oral or poster presentation during the conference based on the reviews – at least one author is expected to register to ICDL 2020 and to present the paper in person.

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Call for Tutorials

We invite experts to give Tutorials, which will provide insights into specific topics through hands-on training and interactive experiences or in-depth state of the art review.

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Call for Workshops

We invite experts in different areas to organise a workshop to be held on the first day of the conference. Workshops will extend to a half or full day and could include invited speakers, discussions with a smaller community, and independent submissions.

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